Where did the Lego Holiday Adventures begin?

Bus to Moraira
Bus Adventure

Over the last few years, as a supply teacher, I have visited many schools.

One thing I have come across in primary schools is the teddy adventures. This is where the children are given the chance to take the class mascot home for the weekend. They write a diary post of the weekends adventure and take photographs for the class book. What a good idea.

But it made me think.

I have been visiting a little village in Spain, Moraira, together with my mother where each year we have attended the local fiesta.

I have been to Moraira many times and love the village but … there are only so many times you want to take the same photograph of the same views.

So, in 2014 I decided I would take some Lego with me to photograph. I took the Big Ben, architect set. I spent a couple of days taking it out to photograph. I did feel a bit self-conscious but enjoyed the fun. The river Thames certainly has never looked so blue! LOL!Big Ben Lego

Fila ExhibitionA little part of England in sunny Spain. The only problem was that the set needed to be carefully broken into manageable pieces and was fiddly to put back together. There was also an exhibition at the town hall about the Fiesta Fila groups so Big Ben sneaked in here too!

In 2015, I thought I would make things a little easier and took two little mini-figures. The Fiesta is the Moors and Christians so I had two figures to reflect their allegiance. Again, I did feel a bit self -conscious and tried to find different locations.Mini-figures

Batgirl at the Castle2016 saw two visits to Moraira. In June for the Moors and Christians I took a Brick Hedz figure of Batgirl. She was bigger that the mini-figures and certainly enjoyed exploring the little village and joining in.

My second visit that year was with my daughter in July. I had forgotten to bring any Lego, so I went into the village and bought a Lego set from the local shop. It was a car. What a shame it wasn’t a bus I thought. I enjoyed making the small set and also enjoyed driving it around the town.Lego Car

Lego Bus2017. This year Lego brought out a little red bus! Perfect. So, I took the Lego set off around the town taking photographs. I really enjoyed this one.

In 2018, after my son’s wedding in the local town of Calpe, I went on to Moraira to write, to read my books in the local schools and to visit the Fiesta. I had two little flower Lego sets and this is what I took this year. They were a little more delicate and broke apart a bit but I did at least I did get some different pictures.Lego Flowers

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Lego2019 I visited Calpe in March, I heard there was a parade in Moraira so I headed off for the day. I had taken Minnie and Mickey Mouse Brick Hedz sets. I had already taken photographs in Calpe but I could now take some in Moraira too. The tradition continued.

2019 I didn’t get back for the Moors and Christians so I was glad that I had made it in March.

As to 2020? Well. That certainly is a sad year with the coronavirus and all of its repercussions. There will be no Moors and Christians Fiesta this year. Well I suppose it gives me time to plan my next Lego visit.

Check out the video links to see the Lego Adventures.

Where did it go?

My family have got used to my little hobby even if they do groan at times.

Jay -Jay and his Island Adventure has links to Moraira as the Island on the cover is Cap D'Or, a local landmark.


 2014 - Big Ben; 2015 -Lego minifigures ;2016 Batgirl; 2016 Lego Car ; 2017 Lego Bus; 2018 Flowers; 2019 Mickey and Minnie Mouse


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