Lego Fairies

Lego houses
Fairy houses

 The Lego seems to be taking me on a new journey.

Fairy houses

My grandson visits me on a Thursday and I wondered what to do with all the Lego we have around.

He's too young for it at the moment.Alexander's Fairy village

I couldn’t hide it and it was always there.

AlexHe has had a curious look around but with other things he hadn’t really paid too much interest other than knowing that the Lego room is grandads’ hidey hole.

Bit by bit he has noticed and looked at what was there and with supervision he has been allowed to play with some of it.Nanny Sue

Wheels grandad!’ became a familiar cry as he found a wheel and was persuaded to give it to grandad.

He ran to give it to Grandad and with a huge box of wheels to go through this kept him happily running back and forth for some time handing grandad each wheel that he had found.

Doors and windows were also a favourite and I made a nice tower of windows for his amusement.

I then decided to sort out a some of the old Lego and brick base plates.

I ended up using some big pieces to make a few houses which were then left out on the wall for him to find each week.

We had quite a collection of fairy houses and he did like looking inside and opening doors and windows. The woodlice also enjoyed the houses as they could hide inside and underneath. Alexander was very curious about them as he watched them dash away when he lifted the houses up.Fairy row

Rather like Emmy Cat, who always ‘Runned away’ when Alexander arrives.

Lego carsWe made a few little cars too, but the ‘fire-gin’ is always his favourite because it has a ‘ladder’ and because he likes ‘Fireman Sam.

Bit by bit my garden became dotted around with Lego.


Lego SwanHe liked to add the Lego swan to the water in the garden flower and knows just where to find it each week. Or put it back if it is elsewhere.

I remembered a display of different houses I had made when at school for our topic ‘Where we live’. The different houses were initially on display in class but had sat on the top of the cupboard for a while so these now joined Alexanders Fairy village.

But what Next?

Keep watching.

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