Have you seen the Italian Bus?

Italain Playbus
Italian Lego Bus

Why did the bus travel to Italy?

Over the coronavirus lockdown my Lego has been keeping me very busy.

Somehow those Lego bricks seem to be breeding and I never get to the bottom of the box.

I sell the Lego online and I noticed someone in Italy seemed to be regularly buying lots of the mini-figures.

I was curious and decided to ask why.

What was the Italian job?

He turned out to be an Italian policeman who was buying, not just, for himself and his daughter, but also to give to many of the children of friends and colleagues as well as children he met on his rounds. It would help to put the children at ease during these difficult times. It also built a trust with the police he explained.

Oh wow! What a lovely story.

I have added in a few extra figures on occasion but decided to make him a special Italian bus to go inside his next order.

Italain BusIn Italy the pandemic has been very bad and in Termoli, where he works, it has been quite difficult. Although Italy is coming out of lockdown it is still a worry and a difficult time.

Well I hope he likes the bus I am sending. Lego Bus

My Italian is non-existent and I am relying on google translate, (Not always accurate) but I think we understand each other.

I took my little red bus on a holiday to Spain; I hope he will send me some photos of his bus in Termoli and in Turin, where he is transferring to.

Spanish Bus journey

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