Giraffe Speedboat

Giraffe Speedboat
Lego Giraffe

The writing prompt was 'Giraffe speedboat! Hmm!

Playing and sorting out the Lego gave me the inspiration.

Giraffe Speedboat

Noah had been busy, working all year long.

He had to make a special ark. It must be big and strong.

 Noah's Lego Ark

At last, the ark was ready, as it began to rain.

The animals came on much too slow. It really was a pain.


The monkeys chattered noisily; they were having so much fun.

And no matter how much Noah moved them, they only went one by one.


“Quickly!” cried Mrs Noah. The rain is pouring down.

“If you don’t get on faster, you will surely drown.”


“Come on!” cried the animals. “Move! We all need to get on.”

“Those big fat elephants are taking far too long.”

 Lego Camel

Noah tried to push them faster, but not without much luck.

The elephants snorted loudly and in the door they stuck.


No matter what Noah did, he couldn’t move them in.

The elephants were too stubborn to listen to the din.

 Noah's Lego Ark animals

A roar in the distance, as a speedboat raced on by.

“We won’t wait forever!” They heard the giraffe’s cry.


The elephants rumbled angrily, at the door they stopped.

A blast from their trunks and through the door they popped.


Noah breathed a sigh of relief after all the fuss,

Next time he said "I think we'll go by bus!"


  Listen here.


who knows maybe a book of verse and poetry next?

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