Can you build a Lego play-house?

Alexander's lego house
Alexander's lego house

Having made a few Fairy Houses, for my grandson. I looked at all of my Lego, I wondered if those bricks were breeding as they certainly seemed to be multiplying.

I remembered the James May Lego house and decided to perhaps build a little house of my own. My grandson loves his tent and cardboard train so why not a Lego house.

Lego activity I had some large Fabuland bricks and doors as well as other odd bricks I did not really use much. I’d seen some impressive builds over the years but didn’t think I had the time or space.

Maybe my next project?

With books, teaching and making my own Lego models my time was full.

Christmas saw my Christmas village out on display and this year my two-year-old grandson was very curious but of course too young. I made him a little activity set using spinning wheels.Lego start

I had a new Christmas house to make which my grandson loved..

Lego play houseHe was very interested in the houses and especially the new house with ‘Santa up the Chimney’. So, after Christmas as each set was packed away until next year, he was allowed to gently play with them under supervision.

He was very careful and I also added a couple of ‘Chocolate coins’ hidden for him to find.

Then I saw a playhouse online that someone had built out of Lego. The house was built using Fabuland bricks, windows as well as Duplo. I didn’t have any Duplo but I certainly had plenty of other bricks so I began to gather them together. Lego House  2

I decided to give it a go and make the house.

Lego House outsideMy bricks are Lego rather than Duplo and would take longer to build. But I did have quite a few Fabuland walls and doors.

I was going to make it a little smaller but on my husband’s suggestion I used 6 large base plates (48 x 48 studs). This gave me the foundation size.

I started by using up some of my brick base plates and slowly the foundation was set.

I tried to do a little building each day as it was quite back-breaking and having to push the Lego together was tricky.

It was slow at the beginning but after a couple of restarts it slowly began to build.

I added a few feature bricks and arches and yet it was still growing slowly. Lego features

I had been posting a few photos online and was not at all sure it would really continue. It took up a large area in the downstairs office where my husband worked. My grandson visited when it was still quite short and seemed to like it.

As it grew, I began to worry whether I would be able to get it out into the garden, which was where I had intended it would go. Could we get it out of the door? Would it break?

Lego House But eventually we decided to give it a go. With some trepidation we knew we needed to do this before it went any further.

Turning it on its side we carefully took it out, I’m pleased to say it did not break.

I sorted out more feature doors and windows which added more height.

The building continued around the weather, although the Lego is waterproof the chill slowed it down a little.

I continued to add more bricks and also added a retaining support across the open back which was looking a little unsteady.

I added some basic figures to fill the arches and it was beginning to look quite good.

With the roof arches added I was coming to a point where for now it needed to finish.Lego house

My grandson loved opening the doors and windows and I’m pleased to say it did not fall down.

But oh, no! Where would it go? It was taking over the patio and with spring and summer on the way where would the garden furniture go?

I’m pleased with the end result at the moment but, if it is still standing, I might see if I can get it higher still.

The Lego house My great niece visited briefly one afternoon, she is 3, and it was interesting to see how she played with it. She used the little figures and found areas for them to sit at tables. She did pull some of the figures off but we put them all back together before she left. It was a definite hit.

It’s still standing.

For now.

James May House

Fairy Houses

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