Lego Buses

I’ve painted a rainbow; made some colourful handprints; tidied the house and garden (a bit); read a book on youTube; read a few books on my ‘to-be-read pile’; and of course, played with the Lego.

So, what next?

MacrameMy Art special study at teacher training college was ‘Knots’.

I had intended to write my study about ‘Macrame’, but as it was at that time a revived craft there were lots of books being published. My tutor suggested I extend to write about ‘Knots’.

I wasn’t convinced, I could name a dozen different knots but that was it. Then I discovered the, ‘Ashley Book of Knots’. With over 3800 different knots I was quite literally tied in.

I was fascinated and my study was awarded a distinction, I carried on my interest but developed more the Macrame side and even taught it in schools as well as at adult education classes.Macrame displays

On a visit to Canada I was excited to discover such a wide range of craft books and materials on the subject and not just the hanging baskets and owls I would find in Great Britain.

Bus RugsI found using ‘long end’ rug wool was not only kinder on my hands but I could use the scraps in rug making.

At that time, I made many different items and my Macrame Christmas decorations, especially Santa, come out every year. I even made a 3D nativity set which won an award and would appear each year in the local school.

I sold many items through craft fairs until the birth of my son, for whom I made a Cavendoli name plate.

I had intended to do a similar name plate for my daughter, I had it planned and ready, but somehow things changed and other things took over.Elly's plan

Crochet; Lego; school; and now children’s story books.

During the ‘coronavirus’ lock down my new book arrived, ‘Gloria the Summer Fun Bus’ (not good timing and will we actually manage a summer of fun?).

Bus and booksThis meant that I now had to load and install the books data; using the computer proved to be slow and stressful. I decided to take the time, to make a name plate for my grandson. Then finally, after 34 years I made my daughters too.

It certainly helped keep me calm as I waited for the computer to slowly upload or download the book data.Names in Cavendoli

I continued with individual names and before long I had not only my family but also all of my mum’s great grandchildren. At 91 she is being shielded in lockdown so I thought maybe she might like a few virtual friends to keep her company.

Mums visitorsI have now finally run out of white wool and no I’m not going to buy anymore. But maybe I could turn my attention to making a few rugs.

Who knows?

In lockdown there have, of course, been up days and down days. Remembering my knots and knotting has certainly been an up day.

I have at least able to walk around to my mum and introduce her to her virtual friends.Mums visitors

Want to know how to do a Cavendoli name of your own? Watch out for my next blog.

Check out the 'Ashley Book of Knots', the knot tyers Bibble!


My Books are children's picture books but who knows maybe a macrame book one day?

Award Winning books!

Where to get my books

Books are available from the following:   My Books     Waterstones    

Barnes&Noble    Foyles (amongst others)

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