My bus journey

Am I the only person not worried about lockdown?

But of course, I am, as if everyone, but I am prepared and ready.

I am glad the government didn’t snap things shut. The gradual changes have meant that everyone has been aware of the situation and have been getting prepared.

I know the schools will inevitably close but we are ready.

So how will I cope and how will the virus affect me and my family?

My mumMy mum

For my mum, now in her 90’s and living alone, it must be a worry.

Our family advice has been to ask her to stay inside and to stay safe. 

It might not be quite the same but we will all stay in touch by phone. 

Mum has been on her own for almost forty years and is very independent. She has been involved in family history and together with her photographs this will certainly keep her busy.

Luckily my mum is very good on the computer and has a lovely garden which she works hard on whenever the sun is shining.

But I know she will miss the visits from her five children, her nine grandchildren and her seven great grandchildren.

All contact will be virtual, on-line or phone.


My job is as a supply cover teacher, which means when I don’t work, I don’t get paid.

It can be unreliable at times but the work has been paying for the illustration costs of my children's story books.

My booksMy picture story books are inspired by time spent with a Playbus charity as well as my teaching journey.

I love sharing the books on my supply cover and author visits, but this may now be on hold..

There are currently eight bus story books with a ninth on the way the way.Gloria

My Daughter

My daughter has a wedding planned for June but there are now serious doubts.

Will my mum be able to attend?

Will her mother and father-in law be able to come?

(They are both over seventy.)

Will she be able to have the numbers she would like?

A serious worry.

The venue is booked so ...

It will happen, it might not be the wedding she had planned, but hopefully she is covered in some way.

Cinder-Elly will go to the ball – or wedding – one way or another.

My sonTom and Alex

My son has just opened a new gym, as well as having a new baby son.

A worrying time for small businesses’, but maybe some on-line training could be an option?

My PT GymWe will definitely need to stay fit.

If he can ride this storm out there will definitely need to be gyms to get us back in shape.

But, can he financially stay afloat?

My Lego

When I visit schools I am known as the Lego Lady because I tell the children that 'when I am not teaching I play with my Lego'.

Indeed, I do.My Lego

I certainly have enough Lego to sort, to build and to keep me busy.


Bus rideBut with most of my hobbies being mainly sitting; Lego; writing; crochet; reading.; I will definitely have to make sure I keep active too.

The main this we have to do during this crisis is to ‘Keep calm and carry on’

Or indeed

‘Keep calm and keep your distance.

Be prepared for the inevitable and to help each other.

Most of all remember we are all in the same boat, or even on the same bus!?

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