My Crafty Friends

What clever friends! Find them a few scraps of fabric and look what they have made.

Kathy – Vanilla Pod

Kathy often visits local craft events and has the name ‘Vanilla Pod’ for the things that she sells.

Pirate bagThe pirate bags, made for me by Kathy, were made because we once did a topic in school entitled ‘High Seas Adventure’. It included lots of pirate jokes and information, songs, story writing and drama. it was also the start of my Lego Journey but that’s another story.

The small black pirate bag is the perfect size to carry my Lego lunch box, water bottle, keys and phone, and it comes in handy for whenever I visit any school. It has certainly seen better days and despite being reversable I like the black side best.

holiday bagI loved the shape of my pirate bag so much that I had a second bag which was perfect for my summer holiday. In it I could throw my camera, pashmina, phone and a note book. I also had a few little Lego models inside too.

The jumping man was a piece of fabric that I had lino-printed many years ago, I was not sure what to do with it. Jumping man

CushionKathy made me both a bag as well as a cushion for my study chair.

The blue quilted bag, blue because I love blue, is the perfect size for my blue computer and protects it when I take it with me on my travels.Blue laptop quilt bag

Lona – The Welsh Wizard

TrivetLona just enjoys making her quilts for fun and for herself. She made me the trivet using scraps of Christmas material, it came in very useful for the candle centre display.

Lona also made me the fantastic bus bag. She is an expert quilter and has made lots of lovely huge quilts for her family and her home. I loved the bag and how she matched the red buses and pictures of Number 10 to me personally. (I visited Number 10 in 2015 for a Comic Relief event)Bus bag

My own craft hobby is mainly macramé and crochet but even sometimes with the right teaching I can be persuaded to give it a go. Lona helped me to use a few scraps to make my very own quilt and table mats. Emmy my cat approves. (But I still prefer to crochet – or indeed write)Emmy's quilt

‘Why do you do what you do? Spend your money on bits and pieces and fill your house with clutter?’

Kathy said, ‘because you enjoy it, it is your haven, your therapy.’

Craft roomIt doesn’t matter what your hobby is or what you collect and spend your money on, it is what makes you, ‘you’. Books, bags, craftwork.

So, what is your escape?

What do you love to do?

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