How to Recycle Christmas Cards?

April 2022 sees the launch of a new story book. 'David's Bin Day'.

The story explores a little boys role play fun. You can have so much fun with things you might just throw away.

The Christmas Card.

As Christmas comes to an end it is time to pack away the decorations and trimmings until next time. The box of decorations seemed to expand and it certainly is a workout to place the tree and boxes in the loft once again to reuse next year.

The Christmas cards would usually be thrown away but they could provide so much fun.

Postman Role Play

With my young son, we played a ‘Postman’ game using his little truck, the old cards and a box.

My grandson also loves posting things and a box certainly comes in very useful.

Card Collage

When I was a child my mum would play a sorting game where, with her hands behind her back we would choose a hand and win a Christmas card.

It provided hours of quiet fun.

We could swap them.

Talk about them.

Then using scissors and glue we could pick out things we liked to creat a collage.

'Long live the Christmas card'.

Apart from cutting up the cards to make next years gift tags here are a few more ways they can be recycled: (For a class or just a few)

Christmas pairs: Christmas pairs

Collect pairs of cards, glue them onto a piece of card to make them the same size, if you want, laminate them.

Skills: observation; taking turns; recall and memory.

Cut pairsChristmas pairs version two:

Collect Christmas cards that are all more or less the same shape or size.

Give each child a card and get them to cut the card in half. (support as necessary)

In a circle get the children to hold their two pieces high into the circle and drop them, one at a time or all togehter. Let them fall faced up or down.

Then play pairs as normal.

Having them faced up or down or even on top of each other gives another take.

Skills : observation; taking turns; recall and memory; hand eye co-ordination; cutting skills.

Jig-saw Fun:Jig-saw

Children choose a card to make into a Jig-saw.

First make a folded envelope, observe and draw the picture design of the chosen Christmas card.

When ready cut the card into 6 pieces. (number of pieces as desired but 6 is a good, simple place to start)

Put the pieces into the envelope and then share with a friend.

Skills: drawing observation; hand-eye coordination; cutting skill.

This was always a popular activity when first back at school after Christmas and the children would love making more and more puzzles to share with friends and family.

Christmas pairsDid you have any clever ideas to recycle your cards?

Christmas cards can be such a chore to write, to post and to send which is why many people these days send an e.card or say they would rather give a donation to charity instead. An e.card is okay for your virtual friends but a real card is so much more fun to receive. They can be found cheaply and are also made for charities, so, you can choose who to support.

My mum, now in her 90’s still prefers to receive a card through the post rather than any present.

It's always good to send and recieve a letter through the post.

Next Christmas, or indeed any celebration, look again and think about the humble card.

What could you come up with?

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