Lesson Plan for David's Bin Day

This is the bear and the bin man

It’s always good to be able to use a book to help with teaching.

My friend, who is a drama teacher, told me how she used David’s Bin Day in her lessons. The children really enjoyed it she said.

So here is her lesson plan, which I have added a few suggestions to.

Topic - People who help us

Text: David’s Bin Day

Prior learning. Children should be able to think of people who help us.

What do they do?

  1. Mime

Play a game where children will act out someone who helps us.

What do they do?

Can you guess the mime?

  1. The Bin Man

(Have you ever seen a bin lady?)

Talk about what they do.

Recycling; garden waste; rubbish collection.

The bin men in their big lorry, come every week.

What day is your collection day?

  1. Story Time (David’s Bin Day)

Read the story of the little boy who watches out each week for the rubbish collection and how their visit inspires his play. David's Bin Day

The children would be encouraged to think about the story, and what was their favourite part. Why?

What did David put in his bin?

How did David’s sisters feel, when David said the Bin Men had taken their things?

What did David need to be a bin man? (Bobble hat; high viz jacket; bin; bin lorry.

  1. Create your bin collection

Using a small bin or boxes, collect small things to go in the dump.

What did you find?

Is it rubbish? Can it be repaired?

  1. The Bin

this is the bear and the Bin MenSearch out for a missing toy.

Where could it be?

Look around the classroom; find it in the bin.

Should it be there?

Is it rubbish?

Luckily it was not bin collection day or it would have ended up at the dump.

Get the children to think of disgusting things that you would put in the bin.

Eg. A sock - a smelly sock; or a banana skin.

Children could have a chance to write and draw a list of things that would go in the bin.

Older children's creative writing

Older children might be able to create a list of impossible things to put in the bin, things that frighten them or things they hate.

The sound of thunder; a bird-eating spider;

  1. Recycling

Children could find out more about what can be recycled and how this can help.

In class make a recycling station.

Have you ever heard of the noisy bin lorry?

(If possible, find clips of bin lorries in action. – our local lorry was very noisy and was nick-named Chewbacca!)

P.E. Make up a mechanical movement.

Music. Make the clanking noises verbally, as David did, and add musical instruments or sounds to create an effect.

  1. Information books

Find books both Fact and Fiction about recycling as well as information books about vehicles.

Dennis Trucks makes many large vehicles, who makes your bin collection truck?

What other vehicles do ‘Dennis Eagle’ make?

What other large vehicle manufacturers do you know?

How many different large vehicles can you find?

  1. Story Books

‘This is the Bear. By Sarah Hayes A teddy bear that ends up at the dump.
This is The Bear

Barty Barton: The Bear That Was Loved Too MuchBarty Barton: the Bear That Was Loved Too Much – tells the story of a teddy bear that was a little too tatty and old. Should he be thrown away?

  1. Books by Sue Wickstead

David’s Bin Day is one of 14 books by Sue Wickstead

The Playbus stories are about buses that are recycled for use as play facilities for children to enjoy.

What is a Playbus?

You might like to find out about what they do, and where they might be.

Is there a Playbus near your school?

Some buses are also large vehicles made by ‘Dennis Eagle’

Read another of Davud’s Adventures. What does David do at Bathtime?

What would you add to the plan?

I’ve had the opportunity to be able to use some of my books on the Early Years online learning during lockdown.

My books are not necessarily for Early Years but I was able to adapt them with ideas to support the text

Where to get my books

Books are available from the following:   My Books

Amazon.co.uk     Amazon.com     Waterstones    

Barnes&Noble    Foyles (amongst others)

Don't forget to look and ask in your local Museum, book shop or even buy on your Sainsburys on line shop!


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