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'Jay-Jay the Supersonic Bus', visits schools!

Every time I visit a school I have been able to tell them about my books and the bus.If time I have been able to tell the story and more recently, now the book is out in print, the children hear and see the final tale.

It is often a surprise that the children remember me from a previous visit, even after two or three years. (Perhaps it is something to do with the Lego too?)

Children's picturesI have now left a copy of the book in each of the schools I have visited as a supply teacher.

I make sure I give the book to the Head teacher or Deputy signed for the children. I hope they can at least see the book in their school library.

Favourite characterIf the school is interested I have also been able to visit as an author, this gives the school a further seven books. (One per year group or six as a guided reading book)

I have also produced and used worksheets to support each visit.

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