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'Jay-Jay the Supersonic Bus' has recieved favourable comments from adults too!

Deb Hockenberry - Children's Author

Jay-Jay the bus was just an ordinary bus. He took people all over town until one day Jay-Jay was driven to the scrap heap and only had spiders to keep him company. One day, something amazing happened. A man wanted to buy him. He didn’t want to buy his spare parts but he wanted all of Jay-Jay! Where will Jay-Jay go? What will the man do with him?

I just loved this magical and entertaining picture book. I know that you and your younger readers will too. In fact, I know that you’ll want this book for your home library!

Supersonic Bus - Bristol Playbus

Playbus readingStaff and children love the book. I'm looking forward to sharing it with many more.
We'd love to hear more adventures please.
Children often ask us for the 'Story of our bus' and ours is quite dull -I doubt a tale about
failed applications and lottery funding would hold quite the same appeal!
Beautiful pictures -really bring it to life.
Thank you

By K. Hanchard Goodwin on 20 May 2015

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Fantastic book with a delightful story and brilliant illustrations, perfect for bedtime reading.

Book Guild

This is a delightful book about Jay-Jay’s transformation from an old bus into an exciting venue for children to play. The narrative is from Jay-Jay’s perspective, and he has a strong character. The language is just right for infants, and they will be charmed by the descriptions of Jay-Jay’s transformation.

Reviews from Amazon.com

No Ordinary Bus! by Lady D

Saved from a distressing situation, Jay-Jay overhears that the deal is complete. No, he won't be broken up into pieces. He's happy to know he'll no longer be Benji readinglonely in the scrap yard again. He has felt in-significant for quite sometime now staying in a place where old buses go. Things are different now because he has been taken to an airport where exciting changes are magically beginning to transform Jay-Jay into a Playbus. The two things close to Jay-Jay's heart, children and the love of playing, give him renewed purpose. Come along for the journey and read about tea sets and dress up clothes. Plus, there's toys and games and a train track inside. The illustrations are warm and charming. You'll discover the newly painted bus with bright colors has a new name, Jay-Jay The Supersonic Bus and he proudly receives an award from the Queen. New imaginative adventures begin with a play group for the younger children on the famous playbus. Such a nice story. My grandchildren love it!

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