Barty's Party

Daisy didn't miss it.

Daisy even brought along her favourite bear to join in too.

Barty Barton had a Party on Facebook, Monday 7th December 2020.

He had heard all about lockdown and raced along with his story book to give everyone a bear hug cuddle.Tom Loved Barty

There were a few problems sorting it all out so just in case you missed it all here are the videos from the day.

Meet the real Barty Barton.           

Barty's stop 



Story book Part 1.                       

 It's always good to see your young readers enjoying their book.

This is Daisy and she took her copy in to her school, Sandy Hill Academy SDaisy with her bookchool, Cornwall.

He joined in with their 'Children in Need' celebrations. Pudsey and Barty what a perfect pair.

Hopefully I will be able to escape next year and visit too.


The friendship stop.                  

Harriet and Georgia are waiting at the friendship stop Harriet and Georgia

Ezra is waiting

Ezra is waiting too.

 Daisy came with her special bear.



Rozy's penguin

Rozy brought along penguin too.

Don't you just love a teddy bear, or indeed any sort toy!

I hope they were sitting comfortably.



Story part 2.      

Thomas read the book to Barty and Alexander.       A cuddle when no one is looking       

 Thomas and Alexander


With events throughout the day it was certainly a lot of fun.

Best of all, how lovely that Daisy came along with her very special bear too.

If you missed the day you can enter the raffle up here. (7th - 14th December 2020)


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