Comic Relief - badges, a bus and children

Comic Relief
Red Nose Day Badges

It began with a bus making badges for a worthy cause. The local school children became involved and a tradition was started.

Each year a new badge design matched the years theme; the badges were personalised to order; they are easier to wear than a nose (although a red nose can still be worn too!); they are individual and less likely to get lost. Plus with a special waterproof cover these noses didn''t run!

red nose badges messageBefore long others joined in. (Nurses, post office workers... anyone who couldn't wear the nose all day, but wanted to give a little)

Through the school, I once made 1500 badges, the children collected data, created bar graphs, asked questions, wrote and solved real life problems. It was time to reflect on the issues the charity helped with.

Not to mention singing songs (We loved Alison Moyet's version of 'A Wonderful World' and even added actions)

We told jokes, made cakes, wore red.

Most of all we had 'FUN'.

I've kept the badge making tradition going as much as I could after leaving School.

Other schools joined in and badges were sold via the local leisure centre.

I didn't make the thousands as I once did but every little helped.

2021, year with schools and leisure centres closed and other things getting in the way I only managed to make 30 badges. Perhaps this was the time to stop.

I did manage a few ‘Silly Me’ badges in 2022.


Mr Men red nose 'T'-shirtThe T-shirts for this year, included Mr Men characters.

With a weekly visit from my grandson, I thought this would be perfect for just us.

So, he had a Mr Happy and I had a Little Miss sunshine We made just a few Mr Men character badges with red noses.

We had some fun on our play day together and were able to continue in our own small way.

I hope that whatever, or wherever we are that we take a little bit of time to join in and have some ‘FUN’.

The story of the Red Nose Badges

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