Comic Relief badges

Red nose Day Badges
Red nose Day Badges

Every two years I have joined in by making badges for Comic Relief.

 Comic Relief Badges

I’ve been watching the adverts for Red Nose Day with Romesh Ranganathan and I wondered what, if anything, I could do.

For me it has been a tradition.

It started with badges for the children in school and applying it to our maths lessons. collecting data etc.Red Nose Day Fun

Soon families joined in too, ordering badges for brothers, sisters, mums, dads and grandparents.

Can you make some for my work place?

Of course join in if you can.

A badge is easier to wear and keep on than a nose (but of course you can have a nose too!)

So I ended up making badges for the Post Office; Bank; Hospital Nurses; Care Homes; other local schools and pre-school groups.

Anyone who asked.

Every evening after school the badges were written, made and ready to deliver.

I’ve made a different ‘Red Nose Badge’ every year since the beginning and once made thousands in the school I worked in.

Here is the badge for 2021

Badges to Number 10

In 2015 I was invited to number 10 downing Street as a thank you.

I think I should have had a few ‘David’ badges as I could have given them out to the three amigos.

David Walliams read his story book (The Queens Orangutan); David Tennant listened politely to my comic relief connections and David Cameron shot past on his way back from parliament.

And of course, there was the Spanish Inquisition! The Spanish Inquisition

No-body expects the Spanish Inquisition.

Since that date my badge making has been on a much lower key.

Badges 2017

2017 comic relief badgesIn 2017, together with a little village school in Balcombe I was able to continue the tradition and made a few cats and dogs.

But what about 2019?

I couldn’t remember if I had done any that year! My supply teaching and book journey was now more about author days.

But then my friends reminded me of the rabbit badge. Of course, it was rabbits, but the rabbits didn’t breed that year and I only made a few badges.2019 rabbit red nose badges

What about 2021?

Lockdown HairWould I continue under these lockdown circumstances?

I’ve been thinking about it and decided even if just me I must continue.

I had to come up with an idea for this year’s badge.

My daughter was joking with her dad about his ‘Lockdown Hair’ and it reminded me of the Tommy Cooper Red nose Day ‘T-shirt.

With a bit of tweaking, I came up with a new design.

So Okay here it is my badge for 2021! Red Nose Day Badge 2021

I think wearing a badge this year will be easier to wear than a mask, don’t you?

There seem to be a few ladybird noses so I added that too.

Family badges 2021So far, I’ve made a few for my family and even a few friends.

Would I be able to continue without the school contact I wondered?

But I have, and I am, I'm so pleased to be able to support even in my own little way.

Comic Reflief 2022

Another of those times when I wondered if/ how or what badges I would do.

Then I saw a lady called Wendy white who does mood stars.

She was turning her silly stars into 'Silly Me'. This inspired me to do some 'Silly Me' comic relief badges and with colours to support the war in Ukrain the badges were designed.

Nowhere near as many as in the past and indeed mainly me and a few friends buying for our families.

But then again every little helps.

I bought a few silly me stars from Wendy and my grandson and I added them to our play tent so we can have some silly me time.

Silly Me CR BadgesIt doesn’t matter how many I make, for me it is more about keeping the tradition going and raising money for a worthy cause.

What will you do to support?

Sing a song? Wear a badge or a nose?

What a Wonderful World

Badge Making

If you ever remember the Playbus badges or have a badge let me know.

It was a project I loved.

Badges and books, visit my shop.

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