Back to Hogwarts Day - September 2020

Lego Hedwig
Back to Hogwarts

1st September and its ‘Back to Hogwarts Day,’ I wonder what events we might encounter in the year ahead.

Each month my newsletter with have information and worksheets for those who sign up.

For September I have added a toy-cupboard worksheet. You could plan what toys to put on the Playbus… or indeed in the school classroom.Toy cupboard

What would you want to play with?

I’d love to hear or see what ideas you come up with?


Over the Coronavirus Pandemic I have continued to offer each of my books in turn as a free raffle giveaway prize.

This month it is the turn of ‘A Spooky Tale’. (Starting on the 18th September so keep a look out.)

A Spooky Tale was a story written in school with my class and has a real walk to follow.

Watch the YouTube Links to see the real walk as it was and as it is now.

A walk in 1997

A walk today.

The book also received a silver medal in the Wishing Shelf book Awards this year.

Check out the reviews on the Spooky blog tour

Make sure you are ready to jump on board for the bus ride. September 18th – 30th.

Here are a few Spooky Lego Mixels.

Lego Mixels - the OrbitonsThe Orbitons - with Rokit; Niksput; Nurp-Naut.

Don't you just love their names?

For the EYFS phonics lesson I think - a few Alien words.

I’ve still got quite a bit of Lego to sort and a few more book bits to do.

Not sure about the teacher journey but the Lego one is certainly keeping me busy. How about you?

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