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Jay-Jay's specila bus day
Jay-Jay's specila bus day

Jay-Jay joined the early years home learning days with free activities to support his book.

Supersonic Playbus StopIt certainly was fun being involved. It reminded me of the fun I had with the bus all those years ago when my children were little and went to the Playbus Playgroup.

The bus Daisy Daydream, had already appeared on her buses day, she was the start of my Playbus connection but it was Jay-Jay that began the Playbus story.

He had been painted and converted into a Playbus at Gatwick Airport, hence the Supersonic Bus connection.

The books are story books for ages 4 – 8. The activities have links to the foundation stage but could equally be adapted for older children, along with the story books.

  1. Story Time (Jay-Jay the Supersonic Bus)

Inside a PlaybusThis day would be all about Jay-Jay and the fun things you could do on the Playbus. It starts with his story.

What would be your favourite part of the story and why?

Children often enjoy creating their own bright colourful Playbus in whatever medium is availabel.

The bus was filled with toys to play with as well as arts and craft activities.

Things you certainly couldn’t do on a real bus.

What toys would you wish for on the bus? Most children are facinated by the idea of sand on the bus.Upstairs on a playbus

  1. Can you create your own bus journey?

Using toys and boxes we would make a bus to ride on.

With chairs or cushions placed to create a bus we would wonder where we would.

We would make tickets and a bus stop area to wait.

Dressing up and acting out the journey where would the bus driver take us? What songs  could we sing along the way?

I took my red bus on holiday to Spain. A different view of a familiar place. Lego Bus journey to Spain

  1. What would go in the toy Cupboard?Toy cupboard

Jay-Jay had an area upstairs with cupboards stuffed full of toys to play with.

If you could choose any toy to put on the bus, what would you choose?

The children might create a toy cupboard and cut out or draw the toys they might want on the bus.

It would always involve a lot of discussion making sure the toys were different to the toys the children might have at home.

Sometimes this might end up with new toys appearing on the bus for the children to play with.

Books, puzzles, soft toys. Anything that children might enjoy playing with.

  1. Play Dough to squash roll out and mould.

Downstairs on the busDownstairs the bus had all the messy creative things like paint; glue; sand and playdough.

My daughter loved to paint but my son loved the Playdough.

We would always make a big batch of dough to take to the Playbus and of course my children got to play with it when it was still warm.

It was always fun squashing, rolling out and moulding. Then you could squash it back up again and make into new shapes.

Keeping it in an air tight container kept the dough fresh longer.

Follow the recipe to make your own dough all different colours to mix and make.

  1. Poems – Five Minutes More.

The day ended with two poems for bedtime.

The first poem was called ‘The Bus’, and is included in Daisy Daydreams book ‘Bus Rhymes and Jokes.’ Books to read

The second poem, 'Five Minutes More', is about having to go to bed at the end of the day but just wanting a little more time.

To finish the puzzle or read the book.

The children might think about what happens at the end of their day?

Do they go to bed when told?

Do they listen to a bedtime story?

What other bus ideas can you think of? (Extension)

Perhaps visit libraries or bookshops to find other story books about buses and vehicles.

Are they fact or fiction?

How many different versions of ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ song can you find?

Don’t forget to compare the Jay-Jay and Daisy books too.

Draw or use a road map for the vehicles to travel along?

To join in with the EYFS day click the link here 

Today’s activities had certainly reminded me of all the fun and adventure the Playbus brought.

Jay-Jay and the bus books have all travelled to many destinations Jay-Jay even flew in an article in the Flybe magazine.  

London Transport Museum; Brooklands; Crawley Museum.

The Playbus certainly gets around. Bus stop

It even has a new colouring book too.

Listen to the story on Karen Kelly's Bedtime Story Podcast



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