Bus Day East Grinstead 2024

Bus Running Day
Bus Running Day East Grinstead

A Bus Running Day in East Grinstead and at least this year it was not raining.

There was certainly a cold wind. It was too windy to set up my banner. At one point the cold wind blew the blossom from the nearby tree, it was like snow tumbling down. It felt cold enough for snow.east Gtinstead

At least it was better to be outside and to chat with those passing by.

The lovely ‘Boo’ shop reminds me of a Dr ‘Who’s Tardis’; you never really see people going in but there are always lots of people coming out.

John, the proprietor, keeps me stocked up with cups of coffee. His chess club is certainly very popular both inside and outside where the chess board draws many young passers-by to stop and play a game or two.

The book sales started with a book for the Greek God of War, Ares, who bought the story of ‘Jay-Jay the Supersonic Bus’. He certainly was the nicest God of War I’ve ever met.

Bus MuseumAs the day progressed book sales continued with books for ‘Beau’, the Island Adventure was for him, and Daisy-May who would need a Daisy Daydream book of course.

Emmy came along with Grandad David. She didn’t ‘runned-away’ like my Emmy cat. I still think cheery Grandad David would enjoy David’s book adventures too.

I heard from readers who had or knew about my books as well as a teacher from a local school who remembered my supply teaching visits. Yes, I have a lot more storybooks to share now.

A young girl remembered me visiting her school and on the first ‘Bus Running Day in East Grinstead, 2017, had come along to say hello and to buy a book. Oh, yes, I remember her.

A little boy in a dinosaur hat kept passing by with a ‘Roar!’ but he was a cute dinosaur and not at all scary. Dinosaur Roar!

Meanwhile, the old buses were passing by with constant trips full of passengers, ‘There and Back Again’, like ‘The Hobbit’. Despite the cold, it was amazing how many passengers wanted to ride on the open-topped Seaside ‘Bus.

I know another little boy who would have loved seeing the old buses too.

I didn’t get many photos of the buses this year as I had sent my husband home – there wasn’t a need for both of us to get cold.

It was a good day with lots of sales and conversations along the way.

Daisy Daydream ‘Daisy Daydream the Nursery Rhyme Bus’, is now available for loan on the West Sussex Library Catalogue, to celebrate this you can get a free 3D PDF of Daisy Daydream when you sign up for my Newsletter. 

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