A Visit from an Author

As a cover teacher I am able to visit different primary schools across Sussex and Surrey. Each day can be a different location with a different age range, from reception to Year 6; I have to be adaptable and flexible.

There is always an opportunity to mention and hopefully share Jay-Jays story and I always leave a copy of the book in each school I visit.

Recently I was asked at short notice to cover a week in a Year 2 class where the teacher had been taken ill suddenly. I was asked could I think of work I might be able to undertake as there would be no planning in place.

This gave me the opportunity to focus on and use my teaching resources which I had made to support the use of my book across the curriculum.


After a brief introduction to my ‘Bewbush Playbus’ book and how this was not an ordinary bus which would take you on a journey we began thinking of a bus/coach journey they might have gone on.

Key questions:- Plan maps

Where did you go?

What did you see on the journey?

How long did it take?

Journey MapsWhat did you do when you got there?

Where did your journey start?

Who went with you?

The children then drew a story map with start and finish point.

Using their plan the children began to write a story of their journey.Stories

We focussed on time sequence words: - first, then, next, after that, finally

Also preposition words: - for direction and movement, over, under, around,

Thinking of what they might pass on the way.

At the end of their journey they also had to write about what they did when they got to their journeys end.

Once finished the children went back to their original journey map to make sure they had matched their ideas and also to now add on more detail to their plans.

speaking and Listening GameWe also played a speaking and listening story map where they would each plan a route and then discus and tell their partner where they want and what they would pass.


Focussing on the ‘Playbus’ toys theme the children were able to add amounts of money together which the following day they could turn into two step word problems giving change.

Art/Design Technology

We looked at a ‘PowerPoint’ with examples of both real Playbus designs as well as sculptures for the 2014 year of the bus sculpture trail.Bright and colourful

A ‘Playbus’ has to be bright and colourful was the criteria. It has to catch the eye of the children and get them running to explore.

With this in mind the children then designed their own bus.

3D BusWe then created a 3D template of their design focussing on their name as well as details such as number plates etc...

With their work brought to a close on Friday the children went home with their completed 3D buses.3D bus

It was a good week and a great opportunity to try out the resources as well as to bring something very different to the children’s learning.

We finished the week with the children writing a book review about Jay-Jay.

3D busPerhaps it might have been better to have written an account for their teacher of our weeks work I wondered, but then they had not been given a homework task this week so the school thought this would be perfect.3D Bus

I hope I get to see a few examples too.


The school really appreciated the fact that the week ran so smoothly and the children enjoyed their chance to unexpectedly have an author visit.

It was also good for me to be able to think as I went along adapting and bringing a different opportunity to the schools learning.

Harriett made a card for me on the Friday afternoon, “ I loved spending time with you and I loved making the buses and especially seeing you.”

One of the parents wrote an e.mail to say that his son was in the class. “We must thank you for making it an enjoyable week for the class; my son was talking about Jay-Jay all week”.

It really was an enjoyable week, but as ever I wonder will I go back?3d Rally

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