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We no longer have our regular Thursday morning playtime session and when we do we end up playing rather than reading. Mummy and Daddy read to him and he listens to a lot of stories in school. So, our time is playtime and talking.

When we went away on a family holiday together, I had the opportunity to read a book for bedtime, which was after his bath.

I had taken a pack of books I had bought as well as a few of my story books, which I was delivering to a customer.

Mummy had brought along two books that Alexander had chosen from his local library. ‘Mayor Bunny’ was a favourite at the moment said mummy, although she didn’t like it herself but Alexander did. Would I like to read it? Mayor Bunnys Chocolate Town

I started to read it but I found it a bit odd. The text was tricky to read and I found it difficult to follow.

“I’m sorry, Alexander,” I said. “But can we read a different book?”

David's Bathtime AdventureHe’d just had his bath and was ready for bed so how about ‘David’s Bathtime Adventure’. At least I knew the story and could read the text.

We talked about David’s antics, and was that like his bathtime? We giggled along as David got ready for his water play. Did he wear his rubber ring or flippers in his bath? What toys did he take in his bath? Did he have bubbles or a slippery soap? We enjoyed reading and talking about bathtimes.

The next night Mummy suggested reading his second library book, ‘Mog the Forgetful Cat’, but no that had too many words on each page. (My eyesight struggles at times)

So Nanny chose to read ‘The Magic Bubbles’ because we love playing with bubbles. Nanny changed the little boy's name to Alexander as she read and mummy to Nanny in the end; you can do that as a reader, it’s called artistic license.The Magic Bubbles

HippobottymusWe had time to read a second book so I chose, ‘Hippopotamus’. We like playing tunes and making sounds so I thought he might enjoy the fun. He did, especially the Warthog’s musical ‘Bum’; which brought a giggle. At the end of the story, we talked about the ‘Hippos’ musical bottom bubbles. Did Alexander ‘pop’ in the bath?


Hmm. Maybe Nanny has taught him too much?

My story books.

My friend recently asked me two questions.

What books of mine were Alexander’s favourite?

Alexander knows about my Playbus and has heard all about it but the story books were before he was born so we haven’t read these yet.

We’ve read ‘A Spooky Tale’, which is a simpler text, and he has also come with me on the real walk.

 The Real Walk

‘Barty Barton’, was written when Alexander was born and he enjoyed the story as well as met the real teddy bear, Alexander is also one of the illustrations in the book. His sister Isabelle also loves Barty.

‘David’s Bin Day was a story we read when it was first published. The noisy bin lorry went past on one of his playdays with me so we stood at the window and waved. Alexander was thrilled (Nanny too) when the bin men took the time to stop and wave at the little boy watching. It led to an adventure as well as Nanny making him a coloured bobble hat just like David’s in the book.

Alexander and the Bin Men

‘Bus Rhymes and Playtime’ is a book that Alexander helped me compose. We would try out a few of the bus rhymes on our journey from his house to mine on our Thursday playdays. This led us to our real bus ride adventure.

Our Bus Ride

What about stories that are not yours? Asked my friend.

I had to think about this as we have read so many books. I’ve also written about his responses to them on my website and posted his reviews. We have certainly enjoyed so many.

He likes a lot of books that he has seen on TV and these include ‘The Gruffelo’ and ‘Peter Rabbit’.

But his absolute favourite has to be ‘The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, and The Big Hungry Bear’. We have read this book over and over and over again.The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry and the Hungry Bear

It was a book I’d bought for my daughter and it came with a little mouse toy which he cuddles when we read the story. The text is simple and the illustrations are great. We have read and talked about what the mouse is up to and the expression on his face. He just loves it.

Merry Christmas Big Hungry BearRecently, in my local library, I saw that they were selling off a few Christmas books, one was a little mouse book, ‘Merry Christmas Big Hungry Bear’. I just had to buy it. Alexander saw it and of course, he had to have it read to him; ‘Twice’; even though it wasn’t Christmas.

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