A Spooky Bus Ride

Spooky books for Halloween

Recently I took my grandson on his first ever bus ride.

The bus Ride

bus rhymes and PlaytimeIt had to be a double-decker, otherwise we were happy to go wherever.

The ride was to take place at the same time as my new book ‘Bus rhymes and Playtime’ was published.

Amazon (Playtime)Amazon (Playtime)

Halloween spooky bus ride


His favourite poem in the book was ‘A Spooky Bus Ride’. Nanny, Nanny the little boy called (although you could adapt it to Mummy, Daddy, Granny or any other loved adult)

He enjoyed the bus journey so much that I thought I would plan a second trip.

A trip through the Wild side

This time we will have a bus ride and a walk to where Nanny once lived and where the inspiration for the book ‘A Spooky Tale’ book took place.

Our walk will take us through the wild-side of Bewbush.

Indeed, it can be quite a wild side, full of adventure and Spooky tales.

We will find a double-decker bus and with map (Alexander loves maps), and books we will retrace the route and explore.A Spooky Tale 2 3 MAP pdf 1

A walk through the Wild side of Bewbush

Halloween spooky taleYear 2 classes would begin their Autumn Term Topic, ‘Our Neighbourhood’, with a walk through Bewbush.

There were three routes to choose which all started from the school.

Route one, would take you from the school under the subway and along to the Mill Pond, then a round and back to school.

Route two, would take you from the school under the subway and along to the old leisure center, through the houses and up to Beaubush Manor and the church, then back to school.

Route three, would take you from the school and up the path through the houses and then around and back to school.

Route One and A Spooky Tale

The children might already know Bewbush, but the opportunity to take time and look with friends, was always fun. We might even pass by their house or their friends house and they were always excited to point this out.

To get out of school is always an adventure. It’s nice when the weather is fine and it was certainly a good starting point to focus on our neighbourhood topic.

It doesn’t matter where you go on your trip, for the children it’s being able to explore with friends.

My first Year 2 class took Route one and what an adventure that had been. It had resulted in a class shared book. Now in print ‘A Spooky Tale’.

Amazon (Spooky)

This is the route Alexander and I hope to take.

A spooky Tale walk with the class

‘A walk through the Wild-side of Crawley.’

My writing prompt this month is ‘A walk through the Wild-side of Crawley.’

Maybe I will write about our bus ride?

halloween Spooky walkI’ve recently found a teaching resource which I created with my second year 2 class where I created a board game to play.

I have written this initially to fit the writing prompt brief.

Maybe this could be another trip to explore and certainly a game to play with my little traveler.

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