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Since September Alexander has been going to Nursery five mornings a week so now my Thursday is set aside for Isabelle. She is still very young but we are starting to play a bit more. Alexander comes with mummy to pick her up later after he has finished his Nursery morning but we both miss the time we had to play.

It was decided that during school holidays, we would arrange a special playdate for Alexander to come and hopefully a sleepover too. He’d been asking to come for quite a while.

The day was set for Tuesday 28th May. Isabelle would go to her nursery and Mummy needed to get on with her school report writing. (A teachers lot!)

We had plans to visit Worthing seafront and to spend all the tokens in the arcade that Nanny and Grandad had been collecting on their visits. But the weather changed this and it ended up with a play day at Nanny’s house; that was probably better in a way as it would be the first sleepover at Nanny’s.

Picking up Alexander nice and early he was all packed and ready and excited to come. The road trip back to my house was full of chatter as usual, oh how I have missed this! What would we do today? That would be up to what Alexander wanted. It was raining when we arrived at Nanny’s, we started by reading three new books that Nanny had bought at the reading event in Gillingham the day before.

It was good that he wanted to listen to books again.

books bought at GillinghamHe loved the wolf book and soft toy; ‘Wander in the Wood’ by Georgina Golding, he used his bookmark to choose his favourite page which was when Mummy Bear and Mummy Wolf came and found their babies. We later had the book at bedtime, he asked a lot of questions, this time his favourite page was when Mummy Bear was catching fish for the two animal babies to eat.

‘A Silly Sneeze’ by Roberto De Falco, Alexander wasn’t sure about this book at first. It reminded him of Grandads noisy nose-blowing, he then thought about it and asked for it to be read at bedtime. This time he enjoyed the story much more.

The third book was ‘Grandma Georgia’s Amazing Handbag’, by K.D. Greaves, we read and talked about the pictures and the questions. The black cat in the story reminded us of Nanny’s black cat Emmy. His Granny lives in Northern Ireland, does she have a handbag? Nanny certainly has lots of bags but maybe her bag is a play-bag?

We also have 'Paramedic Chris', by Tim Parson - we haven't read this yet but it would be a good book for the school topic, 'People Who Help Us'. along with David's Bin Day. Lesson plan for David here.

Reading these books led to us reading quite a few favourites from our collection. ‘There’s no such thing as a Dragon’ by Jack Kent; ‘Rosie’s Walk’, by Pat Hutchins; ‘Hippobottymus’, by Steve Smallman (he likes the Warthogs musical Bum’; and ‘Can’t you Sleep Little Bear’ by Martin Waddell (the last book Nanny chose after Alexander was too excited to go to sleep).

Our day was full of playing card games; making cakes; drawing; and Lego.

Pirates BewareLuckily the weather cleared enough for us to get the cardboard pirate ship out into the garden and from there we were burying treasure and singing songs.

treasure chestThe end-of-the-day routine was a bit of T.V. watching; dinner; bathtime; stories and bed. But oh, dear the bath seemed to wind him up and it took a bit of time to settle him down. He was missing Mummy of course I think it was probably harder for Mummy as she had never been without him. Eventually, he did go to sleep and slept until the morning. Mummy came nice and early, the shame was that today the weather was much better and would have been perfect for a seaside visit. Oh well, next time maybe?

We even had Nanny's Playbus story. 'Jay-Jay the Supersonic Bus'

(Listen to the story and/or watch on YouTube. Here)

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