50 Ways to play (part 4)

Red Bus Reading Box
Red Bus Reading Box

Children don’t need more things. The best toys a child can have is a parent who gets down on the floor and plays with them.” ~ Anonymous

31. Skittles

Make your own skittles using empty plastic bottles weighted down with some rice or sand in the bottom. Line them up and knock 'em down! If you don't have a ball at home, you can make one by layering up pairs of socks, or scrunching up some paper and taping it up into a big ball

32. Threading

Bead threadingThreading! Use a shoelace or wrap a bit of sticky tape around the end of a piece of string and thread it through beads or pieces of dried pasta to make a necklace or bracelet. Threading is a great activity to help children develop the fine motor skills necessary for doing all kinds of things, like doing up buttons, tying shoelaces, opening lunch boxes, drawing, writing and more. Look at the focused concentration here!

Alexander certainly was engrossed with his threading. We had a plastic needle and Nanny tied the thread onto the needle.

33. Den Building

reading denBuild a den! This is a great activity for creativity, problem-solving, collaboration and team-work. Or simply create a cosy peaceful place where your little one can relax, look at books, or make-up stories.

We certainly made quite a few dens in the garden and in the house. Using tents, boxes, duvet covers and sheets. It was certainly a cosy place to read or play.

34. Ball Games

Different sized balls and feels. A beach ball; tennis ball; squishy ball/

Rolling, catching, dropping it down the stairs.

There are so many fun ways to play with a ball. And if you don't have one, you can always improvise with a pair of socks or some scrunched up paper!

35. Posting

Box housekeysAlexander enjoyed his box that Nanny had turned into a house for him to play in. the handle holes were perfect for him to post things through, we found a few keys, which he loved. He would post them through the holes then go out to find them.

Isabelle loves that they rattle.

When Alexander’s Daddy was very little, we would use old cards (birthday and Christmas cards or indeed anything). He would load them into the seat of his truck and then drive off to post them in the post box we had made. He would drive back to collect and deliver more.

(At school the children would love their class turn collecting and sorting the post to deliver to each class.)

36. Letter and messages

One step on from posting would be to write cards and tickets to deliver to someone or maybe even a toy. Making a ticket for role play, for a bus ride or a grocery store.

Alexander loves making treasure maps to pollow.

37. Guttering

A piece of guttering makes for an awesome play set-up. Children love to see how fast an object can roll down it! Try it indoors with a ball or some cars, or outdoors for some water play!

38. Follow the line

A way to play that encourages your little one's balance, coordination and physical development, whether putting one foot in front of another or following the line on a balance bike. Draw your own line with chalk on the pavement or use lines that occur in the environment, whether natural or man-made.

Alternatively jumping over the cracks in the pavement can be fun too.

39. Ice Globes

ice balloonsWe have some ice balloons in the freezer, we are ready to see what happens to ourl frozen  balloons when we can.

Filling them with water Alexander wanted to throw them as water bombs! not sure where he saw that done?

Nanny added a bit of colour with food colouring to make it even more magical; we tried to add a toy but maybe that would be better in a tub - easier to add the toy. Ready to be set free as the ice melts. This experiment I hope, will capture alexander's curiosity and imagination!

Watching an ice ball melting in water and watching the colour escape is fascinating. Notice how the colour flows and also where the ice sits. (This is good in a clear bowl of water)

Or you can smash the ice globe open to find and release the toy inside.

40. Stories

Berenstein bearsWhether reading a story or making one up together, storytelling is a wonderful way to play with language and imagination. Young children often love to hear the same story over and over again, and sometimes will act out their favourite stories in their play. Dressing up and acting out stories.

We would love to read stories but since Alexander now goes to Nursery we miss our regular day. He doesn't want to read because he want to play. Nursery and Mummy and Daddy do the reading with him; Nanny does the playtime fun!

It's always good finding out the thoughts of the children and not the thoughts the adults think they should have.

We love sharing stories. You can read a few of Alexander's thought on our reading blogs on 'Alexander Days

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