Reading is important and having lots of books to experience can enrich a child’s learning. For an author, it can be very special to meet and to share books with children. It is always great to be able to answer questions and to inspire them in their reading and their writing.

A library is a fantastic place to find a different book, to be able to research and to take out on loan a wide range of text.

Which one would you choose?

Which would be your favourite?

Redhill library, gave the opportunity for a local school to come along and to find out about the writing experience and talk to an author about the inspiration behind the book wriitng and to ask questions.Meeting children

The children were then given the opportunity to explore the book shelves and browse through the wide range of text on offer. They were also able to follow up with worksheet activities to support the visit.

As ever the event was very well received.

What was the best/most helpful part of the visit?

For me as an author it is great to see the children (and adults), so interested in the Playbus story. To see the children enjoying exploring the library but also keen to undertake and express their own ideas in bus design and in a writing.

Thank you, Orla and Maria (Year 5), for this inspired poem.

A playbus rhymeThere is a loud noisy mysterious bus,

Which causes a lot of fuss.

It rides all day long

Singing his happy song.


All the children love it,A playbus poem

There is nothing really like it.

They have a good laugh,

Whilst they ride down the path.


There is a place for drawing,

As well as a place for paint pouring.

The bus is called Supersonic

As if it is bionic.

Feedback comments: - (best bit)

‘Being given some time to explore the library.

To learn more about the process involved in publishing as a self-published author.Love a library

The author explaining the inspiration for the stories.

Listening to the story.

Talking about ideas to enable and encourage the children to do a follow up activity.

It was a lovely idea to get the children to design their own bus.

An hour was just enough time.

Mrs Stockwell: Year5; Mrs Hallett : Year 5; Mrs Doran : Year 3.

(St. Joseph’s School Redhill)

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