A Spooky Tale are you worried?

Fairy house
Fairy house

A story book not just for Halloween, Spooky can be a strange experience or even a worry.

A Spooky Tale was the story read at the end of Daisy Daydreams EYFS Home Buses Day. 

(EYFS Ho me. Linking books to Early Years learning as well as children at home in lockdown)

Today's story was the special edition of the book.

This day would be all about worries and fears.

Time for schoolTime for School.

With schools returning maybe there would be a few children (and adults) worried about going back, or starting school.

After an introduction to my books, it was time to tell a story.

  1. Story Time (A Spooky Tale – special Edition)

This is a special edition of the story which was written for my family and has all their names included. (Maybe there is a name you know?)

The story was adapted to celebrate my sons wedding in Spain and my mother’s 90th birthday.

The original story relates to the neighbourhood where I took my class for a walk.

The walk is still there.  

But has also inspired other journeys both in other schools as well as in Spain. 

What was your favourite part and why?

My great niece Harriett found a wooden crocodile sculpture in her local park so I think her favourite part could be rescuing Angela from the crocodile. Harriet and the Crocodile

Or maybe her daddy Alex fighting off the ‘big bad wolf’?

My favourite page is the bus page of course.

Where would you go?

  1. The Bubble

Over lockdown we have not been able to travel about as much and I know I had to wave at my family up the pathway sending virtual hugs and kisses.

This was quite hard being a Nanny to a little baby, but at least we stayed safe.

It was a time of worries and fears so perhaps the children could think about their bubble of family or friends. Who would their bubble include?

  1. How to make a Worry Doll.

Worry DollsLearn how to make a set of Worry Dolls to tell your worries to.

An old story tells that when the Maya Indians of Guatamala had worries, they would tell them to the worry people.

At night they would place the worry people under their pillows and when they awoke, the worry people had taken their worries away.

  1. Action Songs and Rhymes

With Barty Barton the Bear that Was Loved Too Much.

My son’s favourite song was ‘The Grand old Duke of York’ and also Round and Round the Garden like a Teddy bear. Mine too.

  1. Barty’s story.

The day ended with another story, this time it was the real story of Barty Barton.

His book was due to be published but, in this story-telling I was able to introduce the real bear and share a bit about the background to the tale.

Barty had been my son’s favourite bear and he would tell his worries and share his fears with Barty.

You can’t love a bear too much.

I’m sure we all have a favourite toy.

What favourite toy do you remember and why?Barty Barton Teddy Bear

(I do – she is a very old bear called MacMac)

Tom, Alexander and BartyBarty’s book has now been published.

We sent a copy to the teddy bear ladies at the Repair Shop, we hope they liked it. Barty's Book.

To join in with the EYFS day click the link here.  

Barty and the bus books have all travelled off to various museums and schools along the way.

London Transport Museum; Brooklands; Crawley Museum.


Where to get my books

Books are available from the following:   My Books

Amazon.co.uk     Amazon.com     Waterstones    

Barnes&Noble    Foyles (amongst others)

Don't forget to look and ask in your local Museum, book shop or even buy on your Sainsburys on line shop!

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