Finally, with book 4 ready to start its journey it was time to start the bus and get it out on the road. With its engine purring nicely, it was ready to go.

What next?

It was suggested that I should host a Virtual Book Launch on Facebook. I have never done one of these before and it sounded interesting.

I have previously undertaken book events in book shops including The Book shop in East Grinstead and Waterstones in Horsham and Worthing. It is nice to meet the public and to talk about the bus both ‘Fact and Fiction’, but it can be slow.

I decided the launch would be good for half term.

The LaunchSo, with some fantastic advice from Jennifer Gilmour, I set about putting it in motion.

  • First, I decided on the date and advertised it on Facebook.
  • Then I invited guests.
  • Promoted the event.

I looked at a few other on-line launch days and made a few notes.

Just before the day I posted a few messages on my author page with reminders etc..

Feeling nervous yet excited I was ready to go!

Thing seemed a bit slow and I was wondering what to do.

Signed bookJennifer had suggested adding a giveaway of a signed book. Depending on how this went I hoped to add more prizes later.

But then I hit a problem!

I was finding it hard to set up the giveaway and even worse I did not know what to do with it.

Then came a message form Jennifer.

“Where are you posting your messages?”

“On my Facebook author page.”

“But you are supposed to add them to your event discussion!”

So hastily I copied them onto my event! Silly me all of my posts etc were in the wrong place.

But hey I finally got the bus journey over the hill and people began to like, comment and share!

But what about the giveaway.

I tried to copy that too, but of course it would not let me share to the event page.

Despite all of Jennifer’s help, advice, patience and explanation I still could not apply it and I was getting frustrated. I felt very stupid.Sue Wickstead stories

I at least now know how to schedule posts, I know how to use the event page, not quite sorted the giveaway prizes but I am working on that.

It certainly was a big learning curve and quite an experience, I doubt I would have been able to continue without the encouragement of Jennifer. I was feeling exhausted, but at least I know what to sort out for the next time. Well I hope so?


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