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Spook Hill

How Spooky was that? An exciting and Spooky turn of events indeed!

With the new book ‘A Spooky Tale’ (A walk with our Teacher) now ready, I was waiting for the proof copy.Goose

While covering a Year 3 class, we did indeed go on a walk with the teacher!

The whole school was walking to the local church for their Harvest Festival celebration.

Out of the school and through a sub-way tunnel!

Alien spaceshipThe tunnel was bright and colourfully decorated with paintings of every type of transport, including a Spaceship with Green Aliens. There was even a ‘Youth bus’ painted on the wall? Why?Youth Bus

Through the tunnel and up to where? ‘Spook Hill’ of course!

Up the hill past the trees and houses, past the pond and the geese, past the long grass and the weeping willows until we got to the church!Holmwood pond

Even the destination, Holmwood, was a name painted on the old bus!

Planning for the next weeks work it just had to be done.

We drew the map of the walk we went on and then over the next two days we wrote a couple of paragraphs about the real walk.

By Thursday we had arrived at the church and were ready to return.

I arrived home to find the first proof copy of the book waiting for me. Perfect.

So, on Friday I read ‘A Spooky Tale’ to the class. They then wrote their return journey from the church back to school using their imaginative ideas to add to the adventure.

Their writing was great and they really enjoyed the journey.


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