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Bewbush Walk


What could possibly go wrong?

A walk with the class around the local area, led to the class writing a shared story.Map

It was an educational walk, looking at the houses and collecting evidence which could be used to do some follow up work in the class over the next few weeks. Unfortunately, on our return to school, the teacher (me) went home ill.

Later on my return this led to questions from the children as to ‘what could happen have happened?’ Why did their teacher go home ill?

Now, feeling better, we drew maps and identified the locations we had passed. Then with each reading group we discussed our ideas which we wrote to create a shared class story book.

The book was always a class favourite and I read to many other classes over the years, they all loved it too. After many years I decided it was time to bring the story up to date and improve on their suggestions.

Ducks and SwansThe children really did use their imagination. The walk is still accessible in the area of Bewbush, Crawley, should you wish to follow it. But I am sure you could use the ideas for any area where you might choose to walk and explore.

Of course there is a bus!A bus, of course!

If you went on a walk where would you go and what would you see?

The great illustrations, really do help to set the scene bringing the story to life.


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