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It was raining ‘Cats and Dogs’ for Red Nose Day 2017

Every two years along comes ‘Comic Relief’ and it is always fun coming up with a new design.Raining cats and dogs

2017, seemed to have an animal theme on the ‘T’ shirts so cats and dogs seemed a good idea for this year’s design.

I write each name on the badge ordered, to personalise them; they are easier to wear than a nose (although a red nose can still be worn too!); they are individual and less likely to get lost. Plus with a special waterproof cover these noses won't run!

Once part of the ‘Playbus’ history it is good to carry on the tradition.

These days I am known more as the ‘Lego Lady’; or even the lady who writes bus books. So it is great to go back to my bus days and the fun I had making badges.

Badge makingThe children love the badges too.

”Thank you, for our badges,” said the children of Balcombe School.Red Nose Day Fun

But really it should be a ‘Thank you’ to them and all those who helped raise money for Red Nose Day.

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