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It is always good to have the time to share a story book with children.

Year 5 not only had a chance to hear the story these are the comments from the class:-At Buckingham Palace

‘The story is about a bus that travels around, his name is Jay-Jay, and he becomes a school for children. Then the bus broke down it got sent to a scrap-yard, some children started to play on it but they got sent away by the man in the yard.

Super BusThen some people came along and bought the bus and they took it to an airport (Gatwick Airport). Jay-Jay thinks he is going to get broken apart but instead he gets turned into a beautiful ‘Playbus’. He has a new life and a new name, his name is the Supersonic Bus.’


The best bit:-

The children liked it when Jay-Jay was bought back to life and turned into a Playbus.Blue Bus

It was a surprise when he went to the airport they said, the men in the Airport said he was magic.

He is filled with toys, with all the messy arts and crafts and sand downstairs.

“I liked the bit when he got sent to the Queen”, said Charlotte.

While Mia said she liked it when he got sent to a happy place and the children loved him.

The worst bit:-

SupersonicThe children all agreed that they didn’t like it when the bus was dumped at the scrap-yard because it was sad.

They also thought it was sad when some children came to play on him at the scrap-yard the man stopped them having fun.

“I really liked listening to the story”, said Mia. It was really nice and amazing.A bus


I like hearing the thoughts and comments from the children

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