With a supply teacher visit to a school that I had not been to for a few of years, I wondered how the day would go.

The school I was booked for was a school which always leaves me with a broad smile on my face and a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

On one of my first ever visits here I was with a Reception class.

I had been a little worried as to what the day would be like, would the children be kind?

There were two twin boys in the class and with a broad smile one of them took my hand and said, ‘Don’t worry we will look after you.’

Well it melted my heart!

It was a fantastic time and every other following visit the two boys, as well as many of the other children, would not only make me feel welcome but were enthusiastic, helpful, kind and full of lovely greetings.

My last visit was over three years ago and on that occasion the day was also full of smiles and laughter. Any problem encountered were overcome with cheerfulness both from the smiling office worker to the children and staff. From the start of the day it was both fun and memorable.

The day had started with a bit of car parking mayhem. This tiny school had a small car park and it needed a bit of tricky manoeuvring. The lovely lady in the office came to help me. Thank goodness for my rear-view reversing camera!

I had to squeeze the car into space and even exit via the passenger door.

‘You make me laugh’, I said.

With a great greeting from the class ‘We love it when you come in to teach us,’ said Nat.

But then where were the two twins!?

Phew! They had been to breakfast club.

A comment from the headteacher, ‘The children love you coming in, you are able to relate to them and you are not cold’.

From start to finish I had certainly gone home full of fond memories and smiles.

I was not sure if I would visit again, This was one of those schools who have their own regular cover teachers and as it is a tiny school it does not often need supply cover.

However, I did ask my agency to put me there if a day came up.

Well it did and at first, I did wonder if perhaps I might be disappointed but … I was certainly not.

The class were doing a topic on ‘pirates’ perfect for the Lego pirate detective.

The twins now in Year 5 came to say hello, as did many of the other children I had met and once again it was a day full of smiles.

I do so love days like these.

I will be back on Monday together with my trusty pirate joke book as well as pirate songs to sing. It certainly is a fantastic end to the summer term for me.

Who knows when or if I will visit again but if I do, I hope it is full of as many smiles?

(Maybe I should share my Jay-Jay Island Adventure story with its pirate links!?


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