You never know what task you will be set or indeed what you will need to do when you are a supply cover teacher. You have to be adaptable.

There are times when you can be inspired too.

A year 6 task this time.

The children were to produce a poster of jobs from A to Z, listing each profession, adding illustrations and then possibly a definition.

It provoked a lot of discussion about different types of jobs and their roles.

I decided I would join in too, but my goal was to make each job applicable or relevant to me.A - Z of Jobs

Here are mine.

Author. Seven books to date and more on the way.

Bus Driver. A Playbus driver, with bus story books too.

Crochet creator. When I am on holiday or just relaxing, I enjoy crocheting.

Dancer. I enjoy dancing, listening and moving to music.

Editor. As a writer I certainly need one of these for my work.

Fitness Instructor. To help me keep fit.

Gardener. I love my garden.

Historian. I like all history, and wrote a history of the Playbus project.

IIllustrator. As my books are picture books this is important.

Joker. Daisy Daydream has a few jokes to tell in her next book.

Knotter. My special study was on knots and I taught macramé.

Lego Builder. Of course! I am after all known as the Lego Lady!Lego Lady

Musician. Well, I have a set of multicultural instruments and enjoy making sounds.

Novelist. Maybe one day but at the moment children’s picture books.

Optician. I wear glasses and am always visiting the optician.

Publisher. I am both author and publisher of my books.

Quilt Maker. With the help of a friend I did make a quilt.

Reader. An important part of my writing is to read too.

Storyteller. I tell a lot of stories on my teaching journey. With or without a book.


Umbrella Maker. I crocheted a parasol.Crochet Parasol

Voice coach. I went to elocution lessons.

Writer. Diary; blogs; letters; postcards; reports….

Xylophone Player. A hard one. I have a ‘Marimba’, which is an untuned xylophone.

Youth worker. The Playbus did a session for youth groups.

Zumba Teacher. Part of my fitness regime.

It certainly was thought provoking lesson.

Over to you.

What would your list of jobs, roles look like?


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