The 12 days of Christmas would lead me to the 6th January, to a New Year celebration and a new start. 12 meaningful gifts. So here is the real story behind my posts.

Bus BagIt all began on Christmas day with a bus bag beneath the Christmas tree. Bus bags and pirate bags made a perfect start.

The second Day of Christmas, two shiny baubles …Bus baubles

They were shiny red buses which I hung on the tree.

The third Day of Christmas, three Lego angels …

Lego angelsLego keyrings.Lego Key-rings

My collection of Lego key rings has grown they are attached to my computer memory sticks. There is a memory stick amongst the key rings, with even a Lego memory stick too.

The fourth Day of Christmas, 4 Santa mats …Santa Mats

Over the Christmas holidays I would always get something to make or do and this was a bit of seasonal craftwork. They have never been used but they look good in their Santa storage case.

Bus BooksThe fifth Day of Christmas, five playbus books …

Now the bus story collection includes the real Playbus history book as well as four bus fictional stories. (Two more stories include ‘A Spooky Tale’ and ‘The Christmas Play Rehearsal’, and yes there will always be a bus included in my books somewhere)

The sixth Day of Christmas, six cross stitch crackers …cross stitch crackers

Another, seasonal craft project. You can’t snap these open but they do have a joke tucked inside.

crochet doiliesThe seventh Day of Christmas, seven crochet doilies ...

Made with Spanish yarn. When not visiting Spain, playing with Lego or writing books I am often seen with a crochet hook in my hand.

The eight Day of Christmas, eight macramé bells…Macrame bells

Another of my many hobbies which began with a special study on ‘Knots’, I have made many macramé Christmas decorations, including a 3D nativity which went into school every year. The two white bells were made for my youngest sister’s wedding in 1983.

Bus cupsThe ninth Day of Christmas, nine cups of tea …

Nine special bus mugs of course and a bus teapot too.

The tenth Day of Christmas, ten red nose badges ...Red Nose Day Badges

The Playbus helped raise funds for Comic Relief every two years. With a new design to suit the theme of that year, the badges were personalised with names. One we made 1452 badges, didn’t quite make two thousand but it did result in an invitation to number 10 Downing Street in 2015.

Lego diariesThe eleventh Day of Christmas, eleven Lego notebooks ...

These are just some of my teaching and holiday diaries, it became a tradition to write a diary every holiday. Now the teaching journey has its own diary as it sometimes feels a bit like a holiday, or at least a break from full time teaching.

The twelfth Day of Christmas, twelve naughty buses …Buses

Not naughty at all. The 12-day countdown started and ended with a bus on the 5th January. This is the perfect place for me as I celebrate a new start to the Year on the 6th January. This is the date I left full time teaching in order to take another route. It is also when my bus writing journey began. With more bus books to follow as well as another Red Nose Day, trips to Spain and buses to visit, what will this year bring?

Many years ago i sang the 12 days of Christmas to my day... by the 10th day he asked, "How many more days does christmas have?"

The song does get repetative and this daily blog did too, but I managed to continue to the end!

On the twelfth Day of Christmas my true love sent to me, 12 naughty buses, 11 Lego notebooks, 10 red nose badges, 9 cups of tea, 8 macramé bells, 7 crochet doilies, 6 cross stitch crackers, 5 Playbus books, 4 Santa mats, 3 Lego angels, 2 shiny baubles and a bus bag beneath the Christmas tree.

What would your 12 gifts be?

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