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Two days of supply with Year 5 in a school. While collecting the children from the playground I overheard the whispers from the parents.

‘Not another supply!’ I understand the disruption a change can bring but it left me a little uncertain. Fortunately, the children here were great.

A Supply teacherWith a second day booked it meant that I knew where I was going tomorrow.

The next day along came a little girl with a book she had written just for me!

Here is her story!

The Supersonic Supply Teacher.

‘It all started like any other day. Our supply teacher was ready to teach our class in Year 5.

While she was entering the school, she heard one of the parents saying…

“A supply teacher again!”

This made her very sad.

Yet when she met our class, she had a wide smile on her face and we had a great maths lesson.Maths

At lunchtime the class all went onto the playground and the teacher did her special clap.


Jay-Jay the Supersonic Bus appeared…

Wow! Said the children.

They rode him to the end of the day and had lots of fun!’ow!

Indeed, we did have fun and I loved the book! It truly made my day.

Lots of work to do, and despite an exciting day full of Pudsey Bear fun, the children were superstars.

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