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Over the years, while visiting different schools, I am always surprised to find that the Playbus still creates so many comments and reactions. It is a pleasure to know that the Bewbush Playbus continues to inspire and cause lots of interest.

So for December 2018 a FREE Playbus Book will be on offer with any of the four bus story books.

The story books are all based on real events and have photographic links to the Playbus book.


If you know anyone who might like a copy just get in touch or watch out I will be about.

Meeting people who remember the original project, who knew or even appreciate the concept it is always a real joy.

The bus may only now be in a fictional story book but there are still many other mobile projects out there. The possibilities and support they can offer is still endless.

Other books include:- (yes there is always a bus included in the book somewhere!)

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