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As I sat drinking my coffee, in the café in the park, I watched as groups of children passed by with their teachers and I smiled.

I was meeting with a fellow author and we were discussing the complexities of being self-published as well as a children’s picture book author.

A walk in 1994As the groups passed by I was distracted. It was indeed a spooky connection. It reminded me of the walk I took my class on in 1994.

A Spooky Walk 1994Play

I wondered what their follow up work would entail and whether they might have a story to write, a recount of their day, or even a map to draw.

I looked out the groups passed by with their clipboards and the teachers in their high-vis jackets, they were engrossed and certainly seemed to be having a good time.

I managed to meet up with one group leader before they left to return to their school. Bewbush

A Spooky Walk 2017

I hope the teachers enjoyed the trip too but know for them it is a more stressful activity. It certainly looked like a great place to visit and despite a blowy wind and overcast day, it was at least not raining, the children seemed to be enjoying the experience.

I just hope no-one had any frights along the way.

Well it made me smile!

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