It doesn’t matter where you go a picture paints a thousand words – in any language.

A PlaybusAn invitation to read a book in a Spanish school was an exciting prospect.

The event was set up by Daniel Iberro from the town Hall in Teulada.

A meeting with the teachers and the schools set three readings for the children aged 5 to 7. The book ‘A Spooky Tale’ would be simpler to translate so this book was chosen.

Children in the two schools of Moraira and the nearby town of Teulada have very limited English so a simple powerpoint presentation of photographs about the real bus would help with a visual understanding. Technology is always a problem but we did manage to sort this out and could also use the web site pictures too.Bewbush to Spain

The children, and adults, were fascinated, as they always are, to know the bus was real.

The teachers were on hand to help with translation and understanding they were further able to help with questions and answers.

FlowersOn the web site ‘A Spooky Tale’ has video links to the real walk with the teacher. This also held the children’s attention and imagination.

“Where would your teacher take you?” I asked.

“What would you see on your journey?”Bears in Spain

Perhaps a Spooky Moraira video needs to be added as there are always spooky connections along the way.

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