Comic Relief badges

2015 the message was 'Be yourself!'

The start

Over the years through the Playbus I have been involved in ‘Comic Relief’. Every two years I have designed a new badge, it is now a tradition that I try to keep going!

To date I must have raised over £7000 at least through badge making! Phew! AT LEAST!!

The first ‘Comic Relief’ badges we designed were in 1989. They were roughly made and raised £5 for comic relief.

Comic relief badges from 1991Two years later, in 1991, the badges were tidied up and names were added on request. They proved so popular with the local school that, the Playbus went into the play ground and made badges on request.

In 1993 it was 'The Splat Tomato!’ The tomato, from the comic Relief Red nose design, took a lot of colouring! The last one turned green and hence the tradition of one more. We dressed as clowns and visited the local school making badges with each class!

The colour changing flower design was used on the badge in 1995. Year 2 became involved in data collection as part of their maths work.

‘Licky lollies’, that turned your tongue red in 1997. Badges had gone back to boys and girls but we also needed a badge for any names we were not sure off!

1991 Comic Relief badge1999 it was the colour changing noses that squeaked with a Beep Beep! Maths data collection included work with the Post Office as well as now two local Schools. My class learnt to sing 'Wonderful world' with signing! We also undertook Maths data handling lesson as well as Literacy role play to experience aspects of disabilities.

The message was ‘Pants to poverty’ in 2001. The event now becoming a tradition it was decided to add the date to the design. Boys and girls again, we may not have been too sure about the ‘Pants’ T-shirt design but as ever a lot of learning fun.

Lots of ‘Red Hair’ in 2003! With help again from schools we continued to collect data; songs and fun! by now the final total I made reached 1500 + and the future aim would be to make 2000!

2005 saw the children in reception joining in with simple counting activities as well as trips delivering badges in the main school using words directional words such as over, under and through. Again we sang ’It’s a wonderful world’.

2007 Comic Relief badgeFor 2007 the boys and girls had chubby cheeky faces and bow ties of bows in their hair. The aim now was to try and make the 2000 badges but we have never quite made this target! The final assembly included joke telling.

With 2009 the message was ‘Doing Something funny for the money!’ Working out maths problems; reading the daily tally to find the on-going totals as well as creating our own questions and answers from the data collection!’ The badge was either a ‘Haa! Haa! Haa!’, a ‘Hee! Hee Hee!’, or a ‘Ho! Ho! Ho!’ but whatever it was it was a laugh. With a celebration assembly including a fashion show walk on the day itself! Singing ’Help!’ and ‘’Doing Something funny for the money!’ complete with video, it really was a lot of fun and laughter. The message was "It's good to be me! Not living in Poverty!"

2015 comic relief badgeIn 2011 now no longer school based I tried to continue the badge tradition but in a smaller way! The badge design although popular was not my favourite so I finished with an alternative pirate design for myself.

By 2013 with ‘The Monster’ links were made with new schools which saw the badge making continue although now in a much smaller way!

So then came 2015!

"Be Yourself, everyone is already taken!" (Oscar Wilde)

I like this years message and badge design. I doubt it will get 2000 badges but whatever i raise i will be glad to do so!

With nine noses to pick it was the message on the ‘T’ shirt which seemed to say it all! “Be yourself!”

What a wondrful world

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