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A Spooky Tale

Our teacher said she would take us on a walk. What could possibly go wrong?
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Why is it a Spooky Tale?

What could happen have happened?

This story is about a class who go on a walk to explore their local neighbourhood.

Where did they go and what did they see along the way?

Follow the map to each location and you will see.

It certainly was an eventful walk!

Where would they go next? 

The story was originally written with a class of children and became a book to share along the way.

It was always a favourite with the many classes taught.

The original storyboard, maps and illustrations were also drawn by the children.

After many years I decided that it was a delightful story and with a few improvements it was re-written.

With illustrations to set the scene, the imagined events along the way bring the story to life.

If you went on a walk where would you go and what would you see?


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