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Childrens pictures

  • A new adventure what the children say.

    An Island Adventure

    On my Supply Teaching journey it is nice to go back and meet the children again, maybe even a year on and a little older.

  • A Playbus for You

    Leyland Atlantean Playbus

    It is always nice to be surprised on my bus journey! Recently I have visited schools where once the Bewbush Playbus had been. It was a long time ago and quite a distant journey so I doubted anyone would remember the bus let alone talk about it so fondly. I was not expecting that!

  • A Time Travelling Space Bus!

    Rockets and star ships that can zoom you through space, time and beyond. 

  • A Visit from an Author

    As a cover teacher I am able to visit different primary schools across Sussex and Surrey. Each day can be a different location with a different age range, from reception to Year 6; I have to be adaptable and flexible.

  • An Unexpected Author Visit

    Jay-Jays name

    During a recent weeks visit to a school with Year 6, I was able to fill a few gaps with snippets of information about buses, books and rain-sticks. This got the children’s attention and they asked questions and listen to my tales.

  • Book Reviews - Children

    Rich bus

    The Year 4 class listened to the background to the story writing and after hearing the ‘Jay-Jay’ story one girl commented loudly, “ That’s amazing!” so I thought it would be good to get a few book reviews from them.

  • Make him bright and colourful

    Childrens bus pictures

    Now all they needed was to make his outside just as bright and colourful too!

    When in school I tell the children a bit about the background to my writing and how I became involved in the Playbus when my son joined the playgroup.

  • Reception to Year 5

    Jay-Jay meets the Queen

    It is always nice to visit a school and tell them a little about the books.

  • Share a bus story

    It is always good to have the time to share a story book with children.

  • What the children say!

    book Reviews

    It is always great to hear the children’s opinion and after hearing the story the Year3/4 class wrote a book review.

  • Writing a Newspaper Report

    childrens newspapers articles

    I am constantly surprised at the children’s curiosity and interest in the Playbus and how much pleasure it still brings even though it is now only in book form. The children are as fascinated as ever about the Fact as well as the Fiction.

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