'Jay-Jay and His Island Adventure' sets sail!

When :- Saturday 8th July 2017

Where:- The Book Shop East Grinstead High Street

Time:- 12 – 5


How important is a book launch? I wondered. Jay-Jay book 2

My second Children’s story book, is already out in print, so why would I need a launch?

Having asked that question of a few authors I thought through the answers given and taking it all into consideration I am looking forward to the event.

Some authors only do a few virtual book launches or use Youtube.

Debbie Young, of ALLi, pointed out “Due to the cost and effort involved in staging a physical book launch, many authors these days are not bothering to have events in bookstores.”

My comment:- That’s if you can find a book shop willing to undertake it for you.

“You're very unlikely A book to readto recoup the cost of the event through sales,” Debbie added.

Patti Brassard Jefferson said “have a fun time with your launch party! That’s what it is all about!”

Sarah Barnham added “When I launch a new book, I always have a physical launch. To hell with the cost it is rather like having a child's birthday celebration.”

Both Claire Crisp and Andrew Emery agreed with this.

Andrew said “ I had a book launch for my last book in 2004, which was paid for by the publisher. As I'm self-publishing this time, I still want to have a party - it's a way to celebrate with friends, family and all the people who supported me while I was writing. And if I sell some copies and get some local media to it, even better.

Having taken on board the comments given I plan to enjoy the event.Cakes

In the meantime I continue to leave a free copy of my original book in each school I visit.

The event is at a friendly book shop in a local town (East Grinstead), an Aladdin’s cave for any book lover. Hopefully there will be a few visitors but for me the (ferry) boat will set sail.

Not quite the sunny Spanish Shores of (Moraira, Spain - as imagined on the book Bookscover) but certainly in my mind……

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